It started a long time ago. VW’s came first, then travel. It was only a matter of time before the two melded into one smoking, clunking, screaming monster completely out of my control.

So, with love in my heart, wanderlust in my head and a battery of swear words that would make Lenny Bruce blush, I strike out across this great continent seeking adventure in a small moving house 18 years my senior. A vehicle fluent in breaking down and well practiced in masticating time, money and the odd romantic encounter.

I wouldn’t keep the bastard if I didn’t love it. As someone once said, ‘would the “Adventures of Huck Finn” really have been that interesting if Mark Twain sent the boy down the Mississippi on an ocean liner? The raft is the key to the whole adventure.’


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    I’m so excited for your stories I can barely hold my piss in my bladder.

    Graphic, eh? No, I am really excited. Even though I’ll probably hear of your tales directly from your mouth, reading your prose and style of writing just makes me want to cry or kill myself because I can’t be nearly as poetic with my words as you. I’m an envious bitch.

    Regardless, I think this website and your travels are going to make grand babies together — yep, like “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid,” it will be the biggest, loudest, most obnoxious baby ever. And I can’t wait another day for your next entry. Keep writing, friend.

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    Got turned onto your site from Shasta snow trip searches. Really great writing. I’m Phil- I play in a roots rock band in SoCal. We get to many gigs in a 59 subhatch and a 63 panel.

    The account and picture of Kesey’s cabin has solidified that I need to check it out. Take care!

  25. RJ Giddings #

    Your blog is interesting. Not in a boring, Oh Thats Nice sort of way. A Gonzo sort of way. Like the VW pictures! Keep it all coming, yo! I mean it.

  26. 43

    Great work and strong writing. I am looking forward to your next post.

  27. Brett #

    As a long time admirer and recent member to the VW Bus family, I find your blog and style of writing to be f’ing fantastic. I just read every blog post you made on this site in a single sitting, and wish there were more. If you have the time to write, I sure as hell have the time to read.

    Keep the dream alive man.


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